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i'm new :D

How do you spell your name? Zoë (yay for umlauts!!)

where are you from? brooklyn, ny

How old are you? four-to-tha-teen

Do you like your name? heck yes. and my initials spell out ZEN, which i think is so cool.

What makes you a vivatious riot grrl? well i'm very opinionated and stubborn (in a good way, i think. i dont't let anyone get in my way.) i'm into film a lot, directing and stuff. i just put a lot of opinion and creativity into them. i am very lively too, just like my name :D

YAY FOR ZOE'S (and zoie and zoey's)

i think its just a cool pic

i would marry those sunglasses if i could

dun dun dun dun! super umlaut!

hehe i <3 my sunglasses
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